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Q:What is V10?
A:V10 is a real-time positioning alarm special or Motorcycle, using GSM intelligent alarm technology, Specially R&D for the increasingly rampant steal of motorcycle and its battery.
In function: open intelligent anti-theft mode, phone and SMS alarm as core, timely anti-theft as mian, focused on the recognition of the power cut line function, the alarm will lock the motorcycle when electric line was broken, let the thief can’t start the motorcycle, with the online location tracking function, monitor your motorcycle anytime.
Q:What can V10 do ?
 No matter how far distance, V10 will tell you where it is.
 V10 can notice you via loudspeaker and mobile phone while some one is Stealing your motorcycle.
 V10 can notice you via mobile phone while sound around your motorcycle.
 V10 can noice you via mobile phone while some one cut your alarm system.
 Locks your motorcycle in case of steering lock damage, attempted wire connection, or short circuit
 V10 can remote ignition your motorcycle via remote controller.
Q:What differentiation between V10 and ordinary alarm?
Alert notice function:
l         ordinary alarm limit by RF radio frequency, the alert just make a horn sound  ,can not notice master directly.
l         V10 was base on GSM network.No matter how far distance, the alert way is call your phone.
Anti cut wire alert function:
l         When some one cut off the ordinary alarm power cable,the alarm will no any function.
l         V10 have built-in battery, the full charge can standby 1 days.
Tracking location function:
 Use the general alarm,,you can't know where your motorcycle is .
Use V10 you can track where is your motorcycle ,and also know where have the motorcycle been to.
Q: How does the V10 make a alert?
A: V10 will make 125DB loudspeaker , call and send SMS to the owner.
Q:What service does V10 need with SIM?
A:V10 is need GPRS and Caller identification.NOTE:  We highly recommend you tell your phone service provider to deactivate voice mailbox so that calls to the V10 do not get diverted.  The V10 is not designed to access the voice mailbox function, though it is often a default feature given by service providers.
Q: Is it hard to program the V10?
A:No. It is as easy as sending a 3-character text message to the V10.
Q: Does the V10 send text messages?
A:Only automatic replies of confirmation and alerts are sent to one or both of the phone numbers that have pre-programmed the V10.
Q: How does the V10 disclose it’s location?
A:In three ways -
 Send the text message “LBS” to the V10’s phone number.  The receiver will then receive address and website with a google map URL .
 Go to,enter the V10's IMEI,you can see the location with google map.
 Scan the QR code to Install the APP
Q: How accurate is the V10 in showing its location?
A:The V10 uses the cell phone network to calculate its location.  Our test results showed that location accuracy averaged between 200-800 metres.  Your results may vary depending on the positioning of the cell phone relay towers and the service provider chosen. 
Q:How many language dose V10 support ?
A:V10's Available languages are Chinese,English and Russian. We provide language customize service.
Q: What alerts does the V10 send?
when theV10 has less than 10% battery life.
when some one moved V10;
when sound around V10.
When some one cat off the V10’s power supplier.
Q:How many alert aways do V10 have?
A:In four ways: 1. Send a message and then make call ;2. Only make a call;3.only send a message; 4.Only send data to website.
Q:Why does my V10 cannot report address information in
A:1.Please confirm the V10's SIM card have GPRS service. 2.Copy the XML file to the V10. For details, please refer to the APN setting.
Q:What is the incoming call white list?
A:V10 just can be monitored by the five pre-programmed number, other number call V10, V10 will note : The number can not answer for the moment.
Q: How long does the V10 last between charges?
A: V10 get power from motorcycle battery ,normally V10 will never power off, but if the V10 has cut wire , the building battery can be stand by 1 day.
Q: How is the V10 switched off?
A: Remove the SIM card.
Q: Is the V10 waterproof?
A: Water resistant, yes.  Waterproof, no.
Q:In addition to need to pay SIM card fee to to the telecom operators,Is there any other fee?
A:Yes .the user also need pay the platform service fee.  $3/year/ID for LBS device.
Q: why do the devive send different messages when send LBS ?
A:There are2 SMS with different situation
1.GPRS good, SMS should be :LBS:Huaxin Road, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518000
2. GPRS not work.GPS positioning is failure ,the SMS should be:
Q: Why does the platform can not update the V10’s location?
A: Please check following issue:
Send the GON to turn on the tracking function.
Please confirm the SIM card has GPRS data function.
Please check the GSM signal ,
The GPRS network is not good.some times the Network traffic jam. For example our phone call and SMS work well .but can not open a website.
Q: Why the V10 answer any incoming call ,evern the number have no banding as SOS number?
A:Please confirm the V10’s SIM have caller ID function. If not ,the V10 can not identify incoming call number,so it will answer all incoming calls.
Q: Does the V10 vibration sensor sensitivity can be adjusted?
A:V10 vibration sensor sensitivity can not adjustable,.
Q: When does the platform start the billing?
A:When the frist data upload to platform,then the platform service was activated.  It will be free in first year.
Q:In addition to need to pay SIM card fee to to the telecom operators,Is there any other fee?
A:Yes .the user also need pay the platform service fee.  The first year is fee,$3/year/ID for V10.
Q:Is that mean we can not use the device if we have no pay the platform fee?
A:No, the device alway can be used , and use the LBS to check the location ,but you can not check the location via the platform ,APP and wechat ,
Q: The power supplier is hot when I connect to the car battery ,why?
A: Please note that do not short circuit.
It will little hot while you connect to car battery ,because the power supplier need power the V10 and also need charge the V10’s battery ,so with the large current, the temperature should  little higher.
Don’t worry ,It is ok.
Q: The remote control distance become short and short ,why ?
A: Battery life will affect remote controller distance , please replace the remote battery.
Q: Is the V10 turn off the motorcycle via SMS ?
A:V10 can remote ignition or flameout  via remote controller ,but not SMS.