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RF-V03-Multi-Functional Waterproof Mini Smart Real Time Motorcycle Vehicle Car GSM GPRS GPS Tracker Tracking Device

Two tracking ways
avoids being shielded

Special for ebike, Motorcycle and vehicles Anti-theft and anti-lost
The mobile phone card needs to turn on caller ID and activate the traffic Internet function. (GPS anti-dropping device, Locating and other functions require traffic, and sending short messages requires phone charges)

One click for functional operation
Operate in mobile App remotely, one click for tracking and status

Two tracking ways Flexible install Easy to hide  Wire-cut alarm
Real time tracking Better waterproof  Wire-cut alarm over speed alarm
Geo-fence Historical route display Multi-platform Bend compensation

Anti-shielded double tracking
LBS+GPS double tracking ways, avoids signal losing with real time tracking

Accurate positioning and 

real time tracking

Multi-platform for tracking with google, baidu and open street maps

Geo-fence for safety protection
Set a safe fence,device will send out alerts once it moves out of the fence

90 days historical route display
Easy to check the latest 90 days historical route, time,speed and directions

One click for remote power and oil cut-off
Paired with a relay the device can remote stop the car when it was stolen

Theft has nowhere to hide with low 

power and power cut alarms

Work for 24 hours continuously with inbuilt battery,
which will send alerts to mobile phone when vehicle battery was stolen or wire-cut

Displacement alarm when car

was moved illegally

When ACC is off, the car was moved illegally device will send alerts

Overspeed alarm to keep safe while driving
Set a speed limit to get overspeed alarm for safety driving

Multiplatform real time monitor
Cell phone, PC WeChat real time checking for easy management

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