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RF-V47 Ringtone to find your pet 2G pet tracker with 2-way voice communication

Waterproof tracker Small
but accurate
Smooth design, fashionable and lovely, delicate texture, unique. Multifunctional IP67 waterproof GPS tracker with two-way call function.

Twelve powerful functions,
4 of whichare strongly recommended

Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine
Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes

High level waterproof Step counting Voice call Smart sensor LED
Safe fence Historical route Ring to find Low battery alarm
Real time tracking Mini sized One button to check Free platform
Real time tracking,
high level waterproof
Checking locations and historical route with directions on computer, smart phone and WeChat makes it efficient to find out the lost wearer
IP67 high degree waterproof

Never be away, one click to talk

Call the tracker number one button for 2-way call

Kids didn’t come back home after school
Elderly family got lost?

Check historical route in phone App with accurate GPS positioning,
real time to know family’s location

Accurate Positioning, less error

Real time location checking with a glance in App map,
tracking ways switch automatically based on surroundings

Multi person guardianship
with kid’s growth
Unlimited user account login for multi person management, focusing on kids safety

Light, small and exquisite
Combined with exquisite appearance and practical functions, Silky surface and only 30g weight

Two-way talk, better communication

Set special number for a one-click-call, avoid strangers’ harassment

Geo-fence for safety protection

Set safe fences, and get alerts in phone App when the wearer moves out or in the fence range

Historical route to check daily movement
Enter phone App to check historical route display easily

High voltage battery long standby

The high voltage battery standby time can be 4-5 days when uploading location interval is every 10 minutes and 15 days standby if turns off App function

Practical accessories

A GPS tracker device, a magnet USB charging cable, a pick-up pin, a screw driver and a lanyard

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