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RF-V45 4G gps tracker waterproof camara sos locator alarm long battery smart watch

4G LTE Network
smart tracking pendant
HD display screen Multi-tracking ways丨audio call丨IP67 waterproof

5 creative function
16 functional operations

4G full Net​​Com
Multi-tracking ways
One SOS button for help
audio call
HD camera
colorful display screen
IP67 waterproof
talking clock
ring to find
step counting
pill reminder
low battery alarm
clock alarm
safety fence
historical route
small but smart
4G full NetCom
global accurate positioning

Three tracking modes,more accurate positioning no matter it is in grassland,plateau, mountain, snow or saline land.

One click for help
fast and easy

Preset 3 SOS numbers to receive urgent call when thependant holder presses SOS button for 5 seconds then it triggers alarm for help

HD call for clearer
Two-way HD call for better communicationAuto-pick up call for better care to your families

Better waterproof
for more application scenes
Raining or swimming, it works well in either scene perfectly offering all time care to your families

HD camera for clearer photo taking
SOS button for auto-photo taking and uploading toAppwhich is easier for your family’s protections

Ring to find with faster action
In darkness, different surroundings, the pendant gives out ringtone for a fast locating, offering all time care to your families

Health management
real time detection
More than safety protection, but also health management with App real time care for your families

Light and smart for easier carry
With only 41g, the pendant can be worn easier, offering all time care to your families

Magnet charging way becomes

easier and safer

With magnet charging way, no more worries aboutdevice powers off with battery runs out but hard to charge with poor eyesight,offering better cares to your families

Multiple Geo-fence
alarmswhen in or out of it

Once the pendant holder gets in or out of any geo-fence,it sends alarm to App. Easier to know the device holder’s movement,offering more cares to your families

Historical route
checked real time

In mobile App, families can check device holder’s historical route positively for better cares to them

Multi-terminal monitor
by all families

Real time monitoring can be accessed from multiple terminals,like PC, mobile,etc. More cares from more families together

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