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RF-V20 4G power bank GPS tracker with door alarm

Product features:

  How to track?

  Multiple tracking way, there is always a suitable one for you.

  Our own tracking platfom ,tracking via SMS,APP and website.

  Tracking via website

  Please Visit: User Name: ID number/Account , Password: 123456 to log in, you can track and set the device here.

  2.Tracking via APP

  Scan the Qr code to install the Android or IOS APP, you can find the Qr code on Packing box ,our tracking platform, user munaul. Of course, you also can install it from app store, Our APP name "Any Tracking", User Name: ID number, Password: 123456

  3. Tracking via SMS

  Send "dw#" to the device ,you will get the address and map link.

  Company Information

  Our Service


  Q: what is V20 ?

  A: RF-V20 is a long battery life gps power bank and also a gps tracker.

  Q:what does v20 can do?

  A:There are 7 function about v20,including gps positioning , door magnet alarm , vibration alarm , voice alarm , flashlight, power bank , long life battery seven in one .

  Q: How long will the V20 standby?

  Upload location data every 10 minutes, the standby time is 30 days, talking time is 60-80 hours (Actual test).

  Q: Except the cost of the phone card, is there other cost?

  In addition to the mobile phone card itself communications‘ fee (it will charge by the telecom operators ) You also need to positioning platform using fee , first year is free , from second year, LBS positioning com 20 Yuan/year/stage. GPS class com is 60 Yuan/year/stage.

  Our Service

  1. All product are strict with CE,RoHS,FCC standard, two years warranty, and rigorous tests before shipment to ensures our superior and proven reliable quality.

  2.Multiple tracking way ,track via SMS,APP and website,there is always a suitable one for you.

  3.With our in-house R&D team of experienced engineers, developers and product managers, we offer a wide range of OEM/ODM service

  4.500 pieces in stock, goods can ship out within 24 hours ,it will take 3-5 days deliver to you

  5. A professional engineers team and sales team offer you prompt,patient and efficient service,help you solve your problems ASAP, engineer can speak english very well.

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