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RF-V26 solar gps tracker--reduce theft and monitor asset usage with GPS asset tracking

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Many fleets rely on heavy equipment and other assets to deliver exemplary service to their customers, but if your assets break down or get stolen, repairing or replacing your equipment can be both costly and time consuming.

Tracking fleet vehicles can reduce your operating costs and help you deliver better service, but the advantages of GPS tracking aren’t limited to monitoring your vehicles.

GPS devices can track and monitor a variety of valuable assets and heavy equipment such as heavy equipment like generators, rental equipment, tanks and containers, argo units, and more.

When you track your assets with a GPS device, especially a solar gps tracker, no need to worry about it will power off. You can quickly locate each asset’s latest location, review location history, and even monitor usage using alerts for movement, power, or equipment use. With these features, you can reduce theft and further improve your employees’ productivity.

Solar GPS tracking devices can help you secure your assets and reduce the incidence of theft thanks to features like:


Waterproof IP66

SOS alarm, two way voice

WIFI location and anti-lost alarm

Low power consumption and long standby time

Anti-remove alarm

Geo-fence alarm

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