Open problem

Difficult to find the lost cattle

Mass grazing, cattle, sheep and horses are easy to get lost. Finding it is extremely difficult.

High grazing costs

To expand the scale of breeding, caretakers need to increase. After the scale of breeding increases, The rate of animal loss is higher, and causes a huge loss of cost.

Management difficulty

Relying on artificial care of a large number of animals has difficulties in quantitative management.

Laborious work

No matter for ranchers or workers, it is very laborious in order to take care of the ranch real-time, but in order to prevent animals from getting lost, they have to spend extra energy and unnecessary real-time monitoring on ranches.

Precision solution

Obtain data such as animal's position, walking track, environment, etc. via mobile phone and computer and display the result on PC or mobile App after being transmitted through GPRS, NB-IoT and GSM networks and analyzed by tracking platform. The system will automatically send out alerts of unusual status via PC or App according to user's selected area and animal movement range, which realizes information farming with unlimited distance positioning, one-click management, automatic monitoring and intelligent alarm.

System functions

System and APP

The integrated animal husbandry management platform can improve the level of industrial information data statistics, analysis, and early warning.

Wireless satellite positioning

From satellites to animals, and then from servers to management platforms, unlimited distances, grasp the animal's position anytime, anywhere.

Auto-monitoring in safety area

The range of activities is set on the map of the management platform, and the system automatically monitors and alerts on abnormal activities.

90 days' record of historical route

The cloud platform stores activity history for up to 3 months, providing data for analyzing animal activity habits.

Reminders of device removal for anti-theft

The range of activities is set on the map of the management platform, and the system automatically monitors and alerts on abnormal activities.

IP67 Advanced Rainproof and Waterproof

Unique design and advanced waterproof function, no need to worry about windy and rainy day

Solar power charging automatically & Super Long time standby

Under sun exposure, power on and charge automatically; super long time standby; Could check all kinds of tracker information by cell phone

one SOS key for help

Press a SOS key to call for help. Press the SOS help button for 5 seconds, the tracker sends a help message to the phone immediately.

Conditioned sounds remote management

Sound monitoring function, the mobile phone dials the tracker number and monitors the sounds around the tracker at any time.

Health management, step counting, temperature measurement

view the tracker user safety information, temperature and health, exercise step counting function.

Smart Platform

The animal husbandry integrated platform can improve the level of safety data statistics, analysis, and early warning, and realize intelligent grazing, decision-making, protection traceability, and administrative management.

Smart Platform 1

Smart Platform 2

Smart Platform 3

Smart Platform 1

Computer platform

Guardianship chart

Abnormal alarm

Statistical Report

Statistical Report

Location tracking

ReachFar APP

Mobile APP

Reachfar APP

Cloud platform, APP free to use, 14 languages support , Multi-platform simultaneous monitor, Single account and multiple devices login at the same times, APP, SMS, web platform alarm simultaneously.

  • Real time tracking
  • Health management
  • Smart alarm

Application scenario



Saline Land



Cooperated cases

Reachfar RF-v26 solar GPS positioner

ReachFar RF-V26 Solar powered GPS tracker Mr. Zhang of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region checked the hundreds of cattle and sheep that were stocked every month that they always lost a few heads. In the long run, the losses are heavy. In order to solve Mr. Zhang's troubles, the solar GPS smart locator RF-V26 were published by Reachfar. An anti-theft tracker that can be viewed at home without frequent recharging.

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